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Erectile Dysfunction Vis a vis Viagra

Nowadays people have made it their habit of going towards easy answers, easy solutions to their even minute problems, be it a small headache, cough or cold, or even when feeling down, people prefer to take a pill, and that’s all. We are so much dependent on pills that even …

What Happens When Toddlers Show Ways to be Happy

Everybody recognizes the fact that we should learn from the kids to be happy. What is the secret of this? It is answered by explaining that children remain stress-free, and consequently happy and carefree, and get sound sleep. Ensure getting snoozes a priority can lead to more satisfied toddlers and happier parents. …

Habits that take away strength and health

Our everyday habits often lead to the fact that we are less and less energetic and healthy. here is the list of such bad habits: Regular lack of sleep According to statistics, in the 60s of the last century the average person of people spent 8 hours sleeping, now – …