Habits that take away strength and health

Our everyday habits often lead to the fact that we are less and less energetic and healthy. here is the list of such bad habits:

  1. Regular lack of sleep

According to statistics, in the 60s of the last century the average person of people spent 8 hours sleeping, now – about 6.5 hours. We began to sleep less because of the accelerated pace of life, forcing us to engage in an increasing number of cases. However, besides this, the number of people suffering from sleep disorders increased. medical marijuana card online

  1. Constant attempts to lose weight by diet

There are three groups of people who keep diets. The first one really manages to keep a diet and to lose weight. The second one do not succeed – people abandon their attempts to limit their food intake. The last one- without sleep and rest try all new diets or start the same every time from the beginning.

These stubborn diet lovers who are at risk. They constantly feel guilty and dissatisfied with the unfulfilled plans for weight loss, they try to punish themselves with an increasingly rigid diet, suffer from a constant feeling of hunger

  1. Chronic pain

Studies show that there is some similarity between patients with depression, post-traumatic syndrome and chronic pain. This is the so-called depressant reaction, which is expressed in muscle weakness, decreased appetite and libido, decreased physical activity, restless sleep and reduced concentration of attention. Such a person constantly feels exhausted, and this greatly reduces the quality of life.

  1. The habit of drinking too much coffee

A cup of coffee adds vivacity, but a liter of coffee every day takes this cheer away. It is simple: there is an addictive effect, cheerfulness requires a larger dose, which, after all, can not be constantly increased. In addition, consumption of caffeinated beverages increases dehydration.

  1. Lack of oxygen

The lack of oxygen from a constant stay in a stuffy room slows down the metabolism and leads to increased fatigue. Unfortunately, not all people can walk enough after work. Therefore, they can look for a way out in another: first, there are oxygen cocktails, and secondly, they can try some breathing techniques.

  1. Lack of movement

Lack of movement does not lead to energy savings: the muscles lose their tone without load, eventually the energy disappears. Moreover: physical activity reduces not only the risk of cardiovascular disease, but also the risk of depression and, as it turned out, affects life expectancy.

  1. Regular reception of energy drinks

Energy drinks should not become a permanent morning drink. Taking this powerful stimulant, a person receives a shock dose of caffeine, taurine and often ginseng. After such mobilization of internal reserves, the body needs restoration and rest. The liver, nervous and cardiovascular systems are in big danger.