Psychological health of men: what complexes a man can have in communication with women

It would be a mistake to think that suffering from various ridiculous complexes is only about the female population. Men do not have less complexes than women, they just do not like to admit their presence. Almost everyone, even a very confident at first glance guy, with close communication, as a rule, can have a complex, or even several.

Let’s look at three most widespread complexes that men can have in communication with women:

  1. The complex of Peter Pan.

Sexual predilections of men are sometimes built on rather unusual, very strange grounds. Men with the so-called complex of Peter Pan usually have the child’s emotional level, and they like older women, besides the role of mistress, playing the role of mother or elder sister. Peter Pan is the character of James Barry’s famous children’s book. Together with other lost in childhood boys he lives on a fairytale island, where he meets a girl Wendy, who takes care of his upbringing.

  1. Complex of Jennifer.

This complex is the desire of a middle-aged man to leave his wife (which is conditionally named Jane) and to run away with a young mistress who is 2 or 3 times younger than him. Rich men, experiencing this complex, choose extremely beautiful and young women, usually taller than themselves, to boast in society. For such a man, the wife is a kind of trophy displayed on the mantelpiece and testifying to his courage and solvency. This is the same decoration as expensive yachts, sports cars or a castle in France. The Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy are a great example.

  1. Complex of Samson

Samson’s thrust is a man’s attraction to a woman who, as he knows, does not feel any warm feelings to him and is ready to betray him at any moment. Often he even pushes her to betray him. Such men have a pathology – the obsessive desire for destructive behavior in conjunction with the inability to learn from their mistakes. They form a painful attachment to women who either initially want to deceive the confidence of men, or are forced to do so under the pressure of a man himself. Following the betrayal, there is a sharp surge of emotions, anger towards the whole world, but then a person closes in his experiences. Complex of Samson is a long-term state, sometimes lasting during a lifetime, the initial stages of which are characterized by external aggression, and the final stages are characterized by depression, especially after the heroic attempts to save the restless soul from suffering end in nothing.