Ten Commandments of a Healthy and Beautiful Hair

The wind, sun, pollution, changes in temperature, the hair … abuse are risk factors that can make the hair coarse, dry or dull, and affect the health and beauty of natural hair.
The following guidelines will help you hair care to protect your hair, keeping it shiny and healthy all year. Takes note of them and carry it into practice.
A good cut
A key element to look beautiful and healthy hair is a good cut to eliminate split ends and damaged areas. Of little use if long hair is a neglected or abused.
Products gentle and appropriate
Use gentle hair care products and quality, avoiding those shampoos with strong bases.
Usage of suitable shampoo should be done according to the current state of the hairs.
Frequency of washing
The hair should be washed when dirty and never in excess, so respect the natural layer of fat. The frequency of washing depends on the type of hair; dry hair need not be washed very often, but asked to wash oily hair more frequently.
Thorough rinsing and gentle conditioner
The ritual washing of the hair is wet with warm water first, then applying a small amount of shampoo and make a gentle massage with the fingertips. Finally rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation if necessary, using a conditioner with means and ends. Rinse hair thoroughly is essential for there are no traces of dry product to the scalp and cause itching annoying.
You should not brush hair when wet. Use a wide comb tines to gently disentangled and avoid breaking it, if you prefer, do it with your fingers.
Dry Soft
If necessary use the dryer, place the apparatus at a safe distance and avoid abusing clippers and irons.
Quality Dyes
The use of hair dyes may mistreat. Make sure they are quality and apply a professional.
Protection under the sun
Use hats and caps is a very effective protective measure when the hair is exposed directly to sunlight. If you do not want to use these gadgets, apply a sunscreen before sun exposure. The latest versions offer texture and invisible light that protect hair and add shine.
Balanced diet
Maintain good nutrition, balanced and complete, is essential for hair care and is healthy all year. If you also avoid the stress, improve their health and beauty.
Visit the dermatologist
If your hair shows a lot of dandruff or excessive hair fall than it would be strongly recommended to visit a dermatologist. Some of these symptoms are very alarming and if it does not refer, may indicate disease.