Tips To Cure Cracked Heels

Cure Cracked Heels:
Just like every lady of this world, you surely love yourself and your looks and along with that you try to go for every procedure that can enhance your looks, it’s pretty natural phenomenon but let me tell you one thing, the looks don’t end up with a beautiful face and sexy figure there is also something that adds up to your beauty and leaves a perfect impression of you in the eyes of other people. So have you guessed it? No! Then look at that gift of God that helps you in taking you wherever you desire, yes! Your feet.

It is a very unfortunate thing that most of the ladies spends a lot of time in beautifying their face and body but forgets the feet and ultimately this things result in dry cracked ugly feet. The cracked heels have been seen in a lot of ladies and this is not such a big problem that can’t be cured, let me show you some very simple tips that can soften and beautify your cracked heels in very small amount of time.
The basic solution for any kind of dryness of skin is to drink lots of water, the water will not only leaves freshness on your skin but also leaves you tension free from all such problems like dryness, hardness and cracking of skin.

The hot cold water procedure is also suggested to be very affective for beautiful feet. According to this procedure immerse you feet in hot water and then after 5 minutes place them in cold water, this will enhance the blood flow into the feet and thus the skin will become fresher.
Rubbing pumic stone over the cracked heels is also very affective for getting rid of the cracked and dried skin.
Soak your feet in lukewarm water and add some soap in it, now leave your feet for 10-15 minutes this procedure will soften the hard surface of your soles and heels and thus the dead skin can be removed easily with the help of a scrubber.

Another very natural procedure suggested by many experts is to walk barefooted on the grass early in the morning, this will not only moisten the below surface of your feet but also improves your eye sight.
Don’t wear those sandals or shoes which are having quite hard soles, these hard surfaces also harden the heels and thus they become dry and cracked.
Always wash your feet properly whenever you come from outside, this will keep the feet protected again the dust and bacteria that can spoil the skin of your feet.
Just see how easy it is to keep your feet away from the ugly cracked heels which are a stain over your dashing personality, so adopt the above mentioned procedures and look beautiful from top to bottom.